Psychology Associates

Psychology Associates can help you and your family.

- Do you sometimes experience stress or fear or panic that bothers you or controls what you do?
- Are you concerned about your child's school behavior, grades, or missing assignments?
- Do your children need help coping with your divorce or your new partner?
- Have you and your partner experienced difficulty with work issues, in-laws or your sexual relationship?
- Are you and your former spouse unable to agree on child custody terms?
- Are you concerned about a family member who shows signs of Alzheimer's?

Psychology Associates can help you and your family.

Counseling and psychotherapy:

Dr. Froman assists men, women, children and families in dealing with life's problems and challenges. An experienced therapist, he provides a helpful, gentle, and positive approach to people experiencing life's problems.

He helps partners deal with sexual problems and relationship issues.

He helps children and families adjust to separation, divorce, new partners and step-siblings.



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Malinda Vogel, MA, has been a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor in Quincy since 1997, working with a variety of clientele facing a variety of problems.  She has the education and expertise to help you achieve your goals.


She works with:

  • individuals of all ages
  • couples
  • families
  • depression/mood issues
  • anxiety/stress
  • trauma/abuse
  • explosive children & other behavioral problems
  • parenting concerns
  • addictions
  • relationship issues
  • the development of positive emotional habits

Specialized Treatment programs:

Dr. Froman provides specialized treatment programs for panic disorder and stress reduction. He helps individuals eliminate fear of public speaking, traveling, test taking and social encounters.

Dr. Froman and educational consultant Dr. Laura Froman, Ed.D. provide comprehensive assessment of children and adolescents. Our assessments are followed up with recommendations and guidance regarding school achievement, learning disabilities, ADHD and other problems.

He assists sober individuals and those with prior psychiatric admissions in regaining FOID's.

Psychological Evaluations and Expert Testimony:

Dr. Froman provides comprehensive assessments to assist in determining the custodial needs of children.
He performs forensic evaluations to determine competency for trial.
He performs evaluations for Alzheimer's and cognitive functioning.

Dr. Froman and his staff provide a full complement of employee assistance programs ( EAP's) and were first in Quincy to bring them to our area almost 30 years ago. And Psychology Associates works with many managed care programs, including QHCM and Health Alliance locally, as well as many state and national programs, to provide both assessment and counseling


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